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  • Dec 2014: Red OrbitNew smart helmets, mouthguards may help detect football brain injuries sooner
    See here
  • Dec 2014: Mouthguards, Magnets And Smart Helmets Are Putting The Brakes On Traumatic Brain Injuries See here
  • Nov 2014: InventorSpot FITGuard Mouthpiece Detects hits that could cause Concussions See here
  • Nov 2014: InformationWeek Health Wearables Going Big In 2015; Questions Loom See here
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  • Oct 2014: Mouthguard That Monitors Impact Of Concussions Coming To Market See here
  • Oct 2014: Fitguard Mouthpiece Combines Protection with Education See here
  • Oct 2014: Sportsology FITguard May Have The Answer For Early Concussion Detection See here
  • Oct 2014: FITGuard has  impact detection See here
  • Oct  2014: News Gazette FITGuard has athletes put their impact detection where their mouth is See here
  • Sept 2014: Be a college entrepreneur See here
  • Sept 2014: ASU announces Spirit of Enterprise nominees See here
  • August 2014: Finalist, College Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 See here
  • August 2014: Houston Chrone Arizona State University Grad Student in the Running for College Entrepreneur of the Year See here
  • July 2014: displaySee here
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  • June 2014: France un protège-dents connecté qui détecte les commotions cérébrales See here
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  • June 2014: New Mouthguard Provides Data On Concussions See here
  • June 2014: SpringWise Smart mouthguard alerts wearers of dangerous head injuries See here
  • June 2014: New mouthguard provides data for early detection of concussions See here
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  • June 2014: France – Un protège-dents intelligent pour prévenir les risques de commotions cérébrales See here Story Two Story Three
  • June 2014: Huntington Post– This Mouthguard Knows If You’re At Risk Of Concussion See here
  • June 2014: CBS 15 Phoenix – New Arizona invention aims to curb concussions See here
  • June 2014: Australia – FITguard Mouthpiece Detects Serious Concussions in Sports-Related Head Impacts See here
  • June 2014: Holland – Dit bitje voor sporters laat weten of je een hersenschudding hebt See here
  • June 2014: Philippians – New mouthguard indicates risk of concussion See here
  • June 2014: NY DailyNews High-tech mouthguard indicates concussion risk See here
  • June 2014: FITGuard Smart Mouthguard w/ Smartphone App See here
  • April 2014: FITGuard Mouth Guard to Detect Head Impacts That Lead to Concussions See here
  • April 2014: ASU’s Force Impact Technologies dominates statewide student startup competition See here
  • April 2014: Sun Devil Student Entrepreneur Highlight- Anthony M. Gonzalez – Force Impact Technologies See here
  • March 2014: ASU Startup brings home the ACVC Territorial Cup and $10K – AZ Tech Beat – See here
  • Dec 2013: CBS 5 Phoenix -Light up mouthpiece detects possible concussions 2013 Startup OpenSee here
  • Nov 2013: Place second at Global Entrepreneurship Week’s 2013 Startup OpenSee here
  • Nov 2013: Featured on CNBC’sWorld’s hot start-up” – See here
  • Nov 2013:Arizona State University shows its pride in its alumnus – ASU’s siteLocal Media Local Media 2
  • Oct 2013: Global Entrepreneurship Week announced the “GEW 50” — a list of the 50 most innovative new companies competing in the Startup Open, a competition that recognizes startups with high-growth potential. article Read Here
  • Sept 2013: ASU’s State Press article Read Here
  • Sept 2013: Acceptance to Arizona State University’s Great Little Company cohort Read Press Release


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