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The Company

Force Impact Technologies L.L.C was established in 2013 and is located in Los Angeles, California as well as Tempe, Arizona. The company was founded by Anthony Gonzales and Bob Merriman.

Our company integrates technology into sporting equipment to increase detection of potential injuries. The FIT full-motion systems solution, will help promote concussion awareness to youth athletes around the world. We focus on amateur athletes between the ages of 12-25 in any sport, hobby, and activity in which there is any risk for a potential head injury.

Our Mission

We strive to improve the quality of athletes lives by integrating technology and sports.

The Team


Anthony Gonzales, co-founder and Executive Director, resigned from his former employer, Avnet Inc., to pursue the development of Force Impact Technologies full-time. He has received an MBA degree at W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. Previously Anthony founded a 501(c) 3, was a collegiate rugby participant, completed an internship with Morgan Stanley, coached High School Wrestling, has traveled throughout eighteen countries worldwide, speaks Portuguese, and holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Oss.




Bob Merriman, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Force Impact Technologies, has a strong personal record of professional and academic success. He is experienced in global technology management, holds an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a proud father of Lincoln and Kylie Merriman.





Sam Wormald, Mobile Developer, is a computer science graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England. He shares a passion for simple, clean, attractive user experiences. As an avid soccer player of over 25 years with experience in Europe, Sam feels a strong connection to the FITGuard cause. In his spare time, he can be found on the field and at the pub watching his beloved Manchester United, or running around with his beagle-dachshund pup, Monty.




Jama Mohamed, Senior Hardware Engineer, Jama is an engineer with a history and passion for early system-level design, prototypes, schematics/board layout, and embedded devices. He has extensive experience defining work scopes and managing development schedules for products while understanding the real-world challenges faced by small hardware companies. As , Jama is not only responsible for the detailed design of hardware features, but also to capture the broader scope in how hardware, firmware, software, and the end consumer all interact..



John Kasha, Cheif Technology Officer,  has a deep understanding of overseas manufacturing, hardware development, and rapid prototyping. As a certified scrum-master, he understands how to efficiently execute projects. Having released over 10 consumer products to market, his skill and expertise is fundamental to FIT’s success.



Version 2 Susan Merriman,Operations Manager/Team Mom, received her Masters in Physical Therapy  from Wichita State University,  and later relocated to Arizona, where she met and married handsome Bob.  Susie is a full time Mommy to official FIT Mascots  Lincoln and Kylie.  Susie’s passion for organization and  structured processes  is invaluable to the team.


Our Advisors


Howard Goldberg Ph.D, Advisor, has over 20 years of experience in introducing high-tech product solutions to a broad spectrum of industries that include semiconductor, sensors, consumer electronics, healthcare, energy, and automotive. He has held executive positions at Interlink Electronics, DEX, RxTimerCap, Colibrys, Applied MEMS, and Input/Output. Howard holds both a Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a B.S.E.E. degree from Lehigh University, and has conducted post-doctoral research at M.I.T.




Steve Borochoff, Business Advisor, A dynamic, senior sales leader who has successfully built and scaled high performing IoT businesses consisting of software, sensors, cameras, and hardware. Expertise in developing go-to-market strategies, crafting strategic partnerships thru business development activities, and building mentoring and leading direct and channel sales organizations globally. Product breadth has included enterprise application software licensed as recurring revenue, development contracts, sensors, cameras, systems, and semiconductors. Experience includes organizations from Series A to developed companies. Active advisor to start-up companies thru accelerators, university incubators, and angel groups.




Eric Schindler, Advisor, former CFO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana. Eric spent many years dealing with schools and districts within his state and, as the former CEO of the Montana School Services Foundation, is very familiar with the insurance practices within schools. As a former CFO and CEO, his skills are complemented with a strong business acumen.”


Our Investors



Burch Creative Capital’s, brand portfolio includes the recent introductions of E.D. by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin and TRADEMARK to a list of established brands previously embraced by Christopher including the Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Next Jump, Powermat, Tory Burch and Voss Water.




Make In LA, Los Angles first hardware-accelerator: “Our resource-concentrated facilities enable rapid prototyping, product development, and mass manufacturing. Make in LA provides you with ample space and all the necessary equipment to take your concept to market and help scale your business.”


Why We Started This Company

As a former collegiate Rugby participant, Anthony is very familiar with the potential for concussions in sports. During a game in 2011, Anthony was involved in a multiple player collision that left him unable to recall where he was or what position he had been playing. Undeterred, Anthony attempted to resume play just minutes later. Thankfully, a teammate who was a trained EMT and pre-med student recognized the signs that Anthony may have suffered a concussion. His teammate recommended that he remain out of the game until further examination. Had this observation and recommendation been overlooked, Anthony could have continued playing, leaving him vulnerable to long term brain injury. Overlooking the potential for concussion is a common occurrence in organized sports, and our company’s motivation is to address this problem. The solution is the FITGuard, a mouthpiece designed to detect the force of an impact and indicate the probability of a concussion.

What Sets Us Apart

The FIT Platform was developed by industry leading manufacturers, uses components of only the highest standard, and has been developed by exceptional engineers. Our FITGuard device displays an instant visual indication of detected force using high-luminosity LED’s. This innovative indication mechanism significantly increases the likelihood of early detection of concussion risk and the overall safety of athletes around the globe. The data used to develop the product software is supported by some of the most well-respected clinical researchers and is documented in dozens of scholarly journals.

Our Keys To Success

Our sensor technology is embedded into a mouthguard that improves the safety of all athletes, in sports both with and without helmets. The FITGuard successfully delivers indications of cranial force by use of the most accurate indication mechanisms on the market. Our product uses both an accelerometer (linear) and a gyroscope (angular) to measure acceleration caused by force. These mechanisms have been clinically proven to offer the most accurate indications of concussion potential. In addition to the innovative technology used in the development of the FITGuard, our goal is to produce a product affordable for the mass market of youth athletes, thus allowing sports to be safer for everyone.

Our Accomplishments

Please visit our press page to see the latest news stories related to our company. www.fitguard.me/press

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